Tuesday, 29 May 2012

R.I.P Laptop :( /One Direction!

So yesterday my laptop decided to blowup! I'm currently using my mom's but it's a huge piece of poop ahah. Hopefully I'll be able to find another one that's alot like the one I had cause I really like mine. Not a huge problem though, I think I'll have a new one by the end of the week :)
On a brighter note tonights the One Direction concert in Toronto! I didn't buy any tickets but my cousin Britney is going and I'm going to drive down with her and wait around for her. It's an outdoor venue so maybe I'll be able to hear them singing? hahah Anyway this post was pretty pointless, but I felt like typing it. :)

                                                           Check ya laterrr
                                                            -Melanie xx :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

My favourite scents!

Hello there! This morning I woke up and was randomly staring at the perfumes in my room and I thought it'd be a fun idea to do a post on the ones I enjoy the most. To be honest these aren't actually my 'favourite' ones, I'm missing three because I finished them and haven't had the money to re-purchase them yet! hahah The three that I love the most that aren't pictures are all Elizabeth Arden perfumes. They are Seductive Woman, Revealed and I can't actually remember the last one but it comes in a blue bottle..

Up First, Body Sprays:

Starting from the left;
1. Dove gofresh body mist in Cucumber & Green Tea Scent.
This one is my favourite of all four. The smell really is 'fresh' just like it says. I think it smells really clean and it seems to make me feel more awake. I especially like to wear this one in the summer and I also have the matching deodorant so I'm fully emerged in the cucumber and green tea scent!

2.Warm Vanilla Sugar.
To be completely honest I normally hate vanilla scented things and I really do mean hate! Anything vanilla grosses me out haha. My co-op supervisor bought me this last year at the end of my semester. It came in a cute little mug set with a body cream as well. It's from bath and body works and I actually love the smell of it! I was surprised with myself when I sprayed and thought it smelled so good. It's very light and yummy smelling. I wore it alot last summer but then stopped wearing it as much throughout the year and now when I spray it, it actually brings back memories from last summer! haha

3.Bodycology Cucumber Melon.
This one was also a gift. My best friend bought it for me this Christmas. I absolutely love it! It smells just like candy. It reminds me of the watermelon flavoured Baby Bottle Pops. It's kind of strong for a body mist. mm I just sniffed it and it also reminds me of the watermelon loreal for kids shampoo that's in a funky shaped bottle. haha anyway I find it last for a good while before having to re-spray yourself. I always feel like I want to eat it though :)

4. Calgon Refreshing Body Mist in Coconut Sorbet.
This is another one that surprised me because I do not like anything that is coconut. I bought this one for my mom and she never seems to wear it so I just stole it from her. I don't find that it smells very coconuty but I also have a very hard time trying to describe what it does actually smell like. This one reminds me of summer time. I think Calgon has lots of yummy body sprays, I really like their morning glory and the marsh mellow one.

Next, Perfumes:

So after posting this picture I'm almost regretting it. You'll all have to bare with me because three of these are knock offs and I don't remember the names of a few.

1. Ardene Pretty in Pink.
Got this from Ardene's last Christmas, I'm not sure if you have Ardene's where you live but here it's just an accessory shop, some malls have bigger stores which also carry clothes in them. I really love the smell of this for some reason I almost feel like it's kind of a spicy smell but still very pretty and feminine. I also love the size of the bottle because it easily fits in my purse.

2. This bottle doesn't have any writing on it! I wanna guess and say that it's a knock off of a J.Lo perfume because of the bottles shape, but I'm not 100 %. It smells so pretty, very flowery. My mom bought this at Urban Behaviour it was a 2 for $10 deal.

3. Paris Woman.
This one is a knock off of Paris Hilton quite obviously. This one reminds me of a stereotypical girly perfume. Pretty strong and flowery I'd say. Not a whole lot to say on this one, I mostly wear it if I'm a little bored of my other scents.

4. Kitty Girl
I believe this one is a knock off of Katy Perry's perfume. I love this one. This is the one we got in the 2 for $10 deal. To me it's almost a bit like a mans cologne mixed with a women's perfume. A tad bit musty but still flowery and pleasant. It's alot of different scents in one and it's one of my favourites to wear.

5. Sex in the City Lust.
This was a Christmas present from my mom it came in a set with a smaller travel sized one and two lotions. The bottle is very funky which I like, but my hands are kind of small so it's a little hard to hold and spray. Every time I smell this perfume now I think of winter time. It's a really nice smell, very simple and low key. It's strong enough to last the day but it's not over powering. I would also like to say that I absolutely love Sarah Jessica Parker NYC perfume, it's one of my top favourite perfumes.

6. Pur Desir de LILAS.
As you can tell by the name this perfume smells just like lilacs! This is my mothers absolute favourite perfume and scent, she loves lilacs. This is the perfume I buy her for her birthdays and mothers days. I think you can only buy this perfume at Yves Rocher. Once again I'm not sure what countries have Yves Rocher.

7. Britney Spears Curious.
I have to say that I like all the Britney Spears perfumes. They all smell pretty and all of the bottles are beautiful. I think Curious is the least candy smelling one. This one is more fresh and subtle smelling to me. It even reminds me a bit of lilacs or a garden a bit. The actual reason I bought this perfume is because it was on sale for $20 at shoppers drug mart last summer haha normally I wouldn't buy Britney Spears perfumes because I like to buy funkier smelling scents, but I do still really enjoy this one.

So those are my favourite perfumes, minus a few. I hope I didn't bore you all to death with my non-descriptive explanations. Perfumes are actually really hard to describe and I've just learnt that. :)

                                                              Check ya later :)
                                                               - Melanie xx                                                       

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bad Blogger.

I'm such a bad blogger lately! hahah It's been soooo nice these last five days here 19-23d C and full of sunshine. So basically I've just been laying in the sun for five days straight with my friends. I said I'd do my review on the mascara I got in my April Glossy box and I haven't done it yet. I also have to charge my camera battery so I can take some pictures. Hope you all are having nice sunshiny days where you are too :) I wish I could buy more makeup and stuff to try out and tell you guys about, but I've put a ban on spending any money!! Just for a few months though and then I'll be buying out the stores :D

                                                          -Melanie xx.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Etsy Shop!

Hey Everyone, hope you're doing well :)
I haven't posted in what seems like forever. Hopefully I'll have my Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara review up by Monday.

Anywho I just wanted to make a post about my new Etsy Shop!!! I'm so excited. I've had an Etsy account for two years now I believe and I've wanted to have a shop on there since I first signed up. I never really got around to making things that I actually wanted to sell so I never ended up opening one. Well now that I've decided to go to England this summer I decided that I'd open up a shop and hopefull make some cash to put towards my trip.
LondonFund . Yep, I've named my shop 'LondonFund'. hahah You guys should check it out. I've only got two Items listed at the moment, both paintings but I'm hoping that next week I'll have alot more things to put up. If you have an Etsy account feel free to add me to your circle and I'll for sure add you to mine. :) Favourite my shop and Items too!

                                                               Talk to y'all soon :)

                                                                     -Melanie xx.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Tag! Get to know me.

Thank you to Sabina for tagging me :) I really enjoy doing tags because other people can learn alot about you!

- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.

-Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.

-Choose people and link them in your tag.

-Go to their page and tell them.

-NO TAG BACKS!! You legitimately have to tag.

11 facts about me!

- I was supposed to go to school for Nursing last year but I totally bailed on it
and I still don't want to go this year.

- I want to live in England super bad.
- My best friend and I are trying to go to London this August.
-I have 4 older brothers.
- On a daily basis I only eat Cereal, Bagels and Doritos.
- I've had an ulcer because I don't have a proper diet.
- When I was four my brother Mike shot an arrow into my eyeball.
- I've lived in the same house my entire life and I'll be 19 in a couple months.
- I love to sew but I don't like to do things by the book.
- My favourite hockey team is the Montreal Canadiens.
- I have one tattoo that says "Famille" .

Questions from Sabina!

1) What is your favorite accessory?
-To be honest I don't really accessorize. I have rings that I wear every day and I wear the same earrings everyday. On my arm I usually have two elastics. Sometimes I'll wear a hat but only if I think it's going to be really windy or rainy.

2) If you had to go on an overnight adventure what are two products you would bring with you?-I'd bring deodarant and body spray probably.

3) What is the most recent thing you have purchased?
-Yesterday I bought 3 canvas'.

4) Do you have any pets, if not would you like any?
-I have a bird and I had a hamster but he died like three weeks ago.
His name was Niggy.

5) You go to the mall what are you most likely to come home with?
(Purse, makeup, shoes, clothes)

- I'd most likely come out with a purse.

6) What is your favorite hobby other than blogging?
- I really love to sew and paint.

7) Favorite treat to eat on a summer day?
- I love cotton candy ice cream from baskin robbins!!!

8) Do you have a favorite book? If so what is it?
- I loved the book Dreamseller. It's an addiction memoir.

9) Your about to paint your nails, what  do you go for... nudes,light pastels and pinks, vibrant and bright colors, or darker shades?
10) What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
I've always wanted to be a doctor and even still would love to be one. Too much school and too much money. Now I just want to be a housewife.. hahaa

11) What is one thing you love about yourself?
- I love my sense of humor. I love laughing and making other people laugh too.

My questions for you:

1. Who's your favourite band/singer .?
- I love the beatles and i'm going to say Nickelback because I've never hear a Nickelback song that I didn't like.

2. What's one place in the entire world that you want to visit?
- Obviously England but also I've always wanted to go to Russia.

3. Favourite lipstick colour?
- I really like a barbie pink kind of lipstick. I also Like a deep red.

4. Favourite T.V show?
- I have so many favourite shows. Greys Anatomy is my number one. I also like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, South of Nowhere, Happy Days, Sanford and Son, The Drew Carey show and 3rd Rock from the Sun! Oh and Whose Line is it anyway :)

5. What season do you like best?
- I personally enjoy summer because it takes less effort to get dressed, my birthday is in August and you have more time to spend with family and friends.

6.Did/Do you enjoy school?
-No. I've always hated school. I don't like that teachers and other staff feel like they can run your life. Obviously they have a little authority but they're not my parents so I always hated when they thought they could tell me what to do. I did enjoy the social aspect of school, seeing my friends. My favourite grade was actually Grade 6, 8 and 11. Grade 12 wasn't anything special.

7. Which do you like more, Sunrise or Sunset?
-I love sunsets :)

8. If you could work anywhere where would it be?
- I always thought it'd be cool to work at like a magazine or something like that.
but I definitely want to work in a hospital.

9. Do you have a favourite colour?
- I really like the colour green!

10. What movies do you love to watch over and over?
- Inglourious Basterds, Dazed and Confused, Planet Terror, Across the Universe, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Burlesque.

11. Dogs or Cats?
-Dogggggs :) I actually hate cats.

The People I tag are..

And anyone else who wants to do this tag! Most of the blogs I follow have already been tagged or done this tag!