Tuesday, 27 November 2012


NastyGal.com is website full of curated clothes, shoes and accessories. Alot like Chicwish and Romwe. It's based in the United Stated which I prefer because I live in Canada and my stuff arrives alot faster, rather than ordering from Romwe which comes from Hong Kong or China.

Their selection is kind of expensive but, if I'm being honest I'd pay the prices if I actually had a real job. hahah The sale section is wonderful however! So one day about two weeks ago I decided, screw it I'm just going to buy something. I came across a pair of shoes and instantly fell in love. Plus they were on sale for $40.00 so I knew it was meant to be. That was all I was going to buy but you get free shipping on orders over $50.00, so I grabbed a dress that was on sale for $14.00 originally $48.00. DEAL.

The shipping said 3-6 business days, I ordered it on the 14th and it got to me yesterday which was the 26th. So more days than they said but I think it partly had something to do with my post office. Oh well, it got to me and I'm happy!

The dress. (blurred my face cause I didn't quite look like myself!)
It's by 'YAlosangeles'. The quality is good. Tag says "Made in China"

Caged back. Obviously you have to re-think bra.

My shoes! I'm so in love. Has a detached platform and chunky heel.
They're pretty high but very easy to walk in.
They're made by a company called 'Bumper'.

In the colour Coral with a Tye die wash/pattern.

And they zip up in the back which I like, otherwise it'd be very difficult to get your feet in!

I'll definitely order more stuff from NastyGal in the future, I think everything on their website is amazing. Their service was really good, so overall a lovely online shopping experience!

                                                         -Melanie :)

Monday, 26 November 2012


My christmas themed nails for this week :) I just love the Christmas season, so cheery!

                      -melanie :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

10 Day You Challenge!

Okay so I suck... I purposely skipped the week I was supposed to list 4 Books because honestly, I don't do a whole lot of reading. When I do, I read the same books over. 'Anne Frank' and 'Dash and Lily's book of Dares'. Not very interesting reads. Anywho, with skipping that week I became lazy and totally forgot the next two weeks, so here we go:

Three Films:
1. Dazed and Confused.

I've seen the movie more times than a person should. I'm so jealous of everyone in this movie! haha
I already know I was born into the wrong decade but this movie proves it that much more. Slater (far right) is my absolute favourite. The movies basically just about the last day of school, everybody's always just smoking weed and getting drunk and the seniors torment the freshman. *When I was 13 I used to have the biggest crush on this boy who I thought looked exactly like Slater! hahaha :)

2. Planet Terror.

Another movie I've seen too many times. I always try to get people to watch this with me and they never will! Rose Mcgowan is so hot and don't even get me started on Freddie Rodriguez! Basically a group of navy seals need to find an antidote for being gassed with co2 and end up leaking it out into the earth turning a bunch of people into zombies!

3. Across The Universe.

So The Beatles are one of my favourite bands and I think the people in this movie do a fantastic jobs with the songs. I'm not one for Beatles covers, so that's saying alot. Another movie that makes me jealous I wasn't around in the 60's/70's. Max is the sexiest mother trucker in this movie and Judes not too bad himself ;) hahah

Two Songs:
Okay I would just like to say that picking just 2 songs is next to impossible for me. I have like 400 favourite songs. So the way I'm going to do this is by choosing two songs that I've constantly listened to for years and haven't at any point gotten sick of them.

1. Wasting My Time by Default
2. Dear Prudence by The Beatles -I have the lyrics to this song painted on my walls, I don't think it's my favourite Beatles song but I do love it quite a bit :)

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                                                              -Melanie :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Five Foods- 10 Day You Challenge!

Today's Challenge; Five Foods!

1. My all time favourite food- Poutine!
Fries, Gravy and Cheese. Easily the best invention ever.

2. Perogies. I somehow love perogies that have butter all over them, despite the fact that I HATE butter/margarine. I don't eat butter on anything except perogies! hahah

3. Cheese Quesadilla.
My newest food obsession. I can honestly say in the last 40 days I've had probably 30 Quesadilla's. :/ haha they're just soo good.

4. Cereal
This is what my diet basically consists of. I eat 3 bowls of cereal everyday. Cereal is kind of horrible for you, but it's my favourite thing to eat cause It's so fast and easy to make. Plus it comes in lot's of flavours.

5. Bagels
Ever since I was like 8, I'd come home from school turn on the t.v and my dad would have a bagel with cream cheese made for me! hahah I eat far too many bagels, just like cereal.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Six Places- 10 Day You Challenge!

6 Places:

1. Oshawa, Ontario.

The City I was born and raised in. I love this place. It's an extremely put down city and there are alot of stereotypes about it. Most people think it's full of drug addicts and hookers. Which it is, but it's also full of super awesome people. There's never a dull moment here. I love that there are 'locals' who everyone knows. We've got 'Bunny ears guy'. He wears bunny ears and walks around telling jokes in a British accent. There's also a black man named 'Coolio' who rides a bicycle and keeps stacks of cash in his socks, he's always trying to give random people money. Those are just a few reasons why I love it here.

2. Montreal, Quebec.

I love Montreal. The home of my favourite hockey team. My family comes from Montreal and most of them still live there, I only get to visit about once a year, which kind of sucks. I used to want to live here but I'm not so sure I could do it because I don't actually speak french :(

3. London, England.

I can't even begin to explain my obsession with London! hahah I haven't been yet, but if all goes planned I'll be shopping on Carnaby Street in August :)

4. New York City.

New Yoooork! I am in love with everything to do with New York. I wish to be there this December because I feel like New York at Christmas time has to be the closest thing to Whoville I'll ever get!

5. Vancouver, British Columbia
I like Vancouver because I feel like it has all the big city things Toronto has, but also nicer weather. Vancouver has an awesome underground hip hop thing going on and right now I'm pretty into hip hop so that makes me like it that much more!

6. Russia.

Ever since I was like 7 I've been obsessed with Russia. I have no idea why. The country breeds pretty awesome hockey players and it's snowy weather is my favourite!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eight Fears and Seven Wants!

I totally missed last Thursdays challenge! So this week I'll just have to do two :)

Eight Fears: (I'm not really sure if fears and being scared of things are the same so I'll just combine.)
1. I have a fear of Planes and Trains but I love them at the same time.
2. I have a fear of public speaking, It's not my thing at all.
3. I fear open bodies of water.
4. I have a slight fear of failure. I don't mind failing, but I don't want to fail in life.
5. I have a fear of moving out, but really would love to leave home. "Can't wait to get going but not quite ready to leave."
6. I have a fear that I'll never have enough money to see all the places I want to see.
7. I have a fear of rejection because I don't usually set my self up for it, I'm not used to it. At the same time I deal just fine with people not liking me.
8. I have a fear of fearing things.

Seven Wants:
1. I want to live in an apartment that is similar to Monica's in Friends. ahah
2. I want to always have more love for my family than anything else.
3. I want to be able to be my own boss.
4. I want to be anxiety free.
5. I want to like change.
6. I want a new bed that's actually comfy!!
7. I really just want some Jeffery Campbell Lita's.

* I would like to link to BlogLoveTherapy's challenge but I can never get their buttons to work :(
So go here, if you will: Blog Love Therapy-10 Day You Challenge

                                                        -Melanie :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nine loves- 10 Day You Challenge!

Todays challenge is 9 loves, I almost forgot to post this today but remembered just in time :)

1. I love my Family more than anything. I can't imagine I could possibly love someone more than I love my Parents and Brothers.
2. I love to drive in the car, I could stay in the car for hours on end.
3. I love myself.
4. I love to sing all day long, I think I'm tone deaf though. hahah
5. I love Christmas time.
6. I love snow, I could never live somewhere that didn't have all the seasons.
7. I love Doritos.
8. I love doing nothing.
9. I love adventuring and climbing giant hills and cliffs.

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

New tattoo!

My friends and I spent the day in Toronto on Saturday and decided we wanted a little tattoo. So Amanda and I got tiny maple leafs, mine on my arm and hers on her butt! Hahah The place is called Blugod and its on Yonge Street. The tattooist was absolutely hilarious and we spent like 2 hours there, actual tattoo timr combined was like 30 mins. I'd definitely reccomend this place and I'll for sure go back again.
                   -Melanie :)

Mine on my inner arm.
Amanda's on her butt.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge!

I saw this on BlogLoveTherapy's blog a few days ago and decided it'd be alot of fun to do! So today's challenge is 10 secrets about myself.

1. I've dropped out of College twice because I really just don't want to go to College.
2. I love tattoos piercings and crazy funky hair.
3. I've lived in the same house for 19 years and I'm scared to move away.
4. Oshawa is my favourite City in the whole world no matter what.
5. I've always wanted a job in Fashion but I just can't follow the rules and only do things my way so I know I couldn't actually work in Fashion.
6. Chemistry and Biology were my favourite subjects in High School.
7. I miss High School with my whole life.
8. I love Airplanes but I've never been on one and they scare me..
9. I'm also scared of Trains because my brothers friend got hit by one and died.
10. I have to listen to music everyday no matter where I am or else I feel very incomplete!

And check out BlogLoveTherapys LinkUp:
Blog Love Therapy's 10 Secrets.

September GlossyBox.

I was very surprised to receive my Glossy tracking number yesterday saying my box would be here today. Usually Glossy Box Canada comes within the first week of the next month. So a lovely little treat to receive two boxes within one month, essentially. I am in love with my box this month.

All the contents of the box.

Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Spray 40ml ---Full Size=40ml/$12.99
Dove Cleartone 17g---Full Size=45g/$3.99
B.Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 4ml---Full Size=15g/$21.00 *Canadian Brand
B.Kamins Maple Body Lotion 12ml---Full Size=180ml/$41.00 *Canadian Brand

I was beyond excited when I saw this was in my box! I watched all the NYX face awards videos and I loved when they had to use this palette for a look. The strange thing is I only just saw this movie for the first time, two days ago!

When you first open the palette you see all the eye shadows. I love love love all the colours in the top section.
Then you have a little mirror and when you flip that over-

You get all the blushes, highlighter, lip glosses and mini eyeliner+primer.

-Melanie :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kensington, Classified and DWW!

So Wednesday my friends and I did a little shopping in Kensington market and later on went to see Classified and Down With Webster in concert.Down with Webster are from Toronto and Classified comes from the east coast of Canada! If you don't know who they are please refer to these videos, because they're awesome:

This post is pretty picture heavy, sorry about how they're scattered! I can never get pictures to work for me on this thing.. Pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't the best. But enjoy!
It was lot's of fun and we almost got in like 30 fights because dumb drunk girls were pushing their way through. Left with only a few cuts on my knees! ahaha


China Town!

Dancing Days in Kensington Market.
The CN Tower from the second floor of the Queen St W Mcdonalds!

They were fliming a show called 'Beauty and The Beast'.


Me with a too large, ugly hat on my head :)

Lol bestfriend Amanda smoking a pipe, and bestfriend Lindsey in the window!
Cam, Marty and Bucky from DWW <3

Down With Webster:)
Marty, Bucky, Pat, Tyler, Diggy and Cam <3

Cam rapping and Marty on drums, my favourites <3


-Melanie xx