Tuesday, 27 November 2012


NastyGal.com is website full of curated clothes, shoes and accessories. Alot like Chicwish and Romwe. It's based in the United Stated which I prefer because I live in Canada and my stuff arrives alot faster, rather than ordering from Romwe which comes from Hong Kong or China.

Their selection is kind of expensive but, if I'm being honest I'd pay the prices if I actually had a real job. hahah The sale section is wonderful however! So one day about two weeks ago I decided, screw it I'm just going to buy something. I came across a pair of shoes and instantly fell in love. Plus they were on sale for $40.00 so I knew it was meant to be. That was all I was going to buy but you get free shipping on orders over $50.00, so I grabbed a dress that was on sale for $14.00 originally $48.00. DEAL.

The shipping said 3-6 business days, I ordered it on the 14th and it got to me yesterday which was the 26th. So more days than they said but I think it partly had something to do with my post office. Oh well, it got to me and I'm happy!

The dress. (blurred my face cause I didn't quite look like myself!)
It's by 'YAlosangeles'. The quality is good. Tag says "Made in China"

Caged back. Obviously you have to re-think bra.

My shoes! I'm so in love. Has a detached platform and chunky heel.
They're pretty high but very easy to walk in.
They're made by a company called 'Bumper'.

In the colour Coral with a Tye die wash/pattern.

And they zip up in the back which I like, otherwise it'd be very difficult to get your feet in!

I'll definitely order more stuff from NastyGal in the future, I think everything on their website is amazing. Their service was really good, so overall a lovely online shopping experience!

                                                         -Melanie :)

Monday, 26 November 2012


My christmas themed nails for this week :) I just love the Christmas season, so cheery!

                      -melanie :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

10 Day You Challenge!

Okay so I suck... I purposely skipped the week I was supposed to list 4 Books because honestly, I don't do a whole lot of reading. When I do, I read the same books over. 'Anne Frank' and 'Dash and Lily's book of Dares'. Not very interesting reads. Anywho, with skipping that week I became lazy and totally forgot the next two weeks, so here we go:

Three Films:
1. Dazed and Confused.

I've seen the movie more times than a person should. I'm so jealous of everyone in this movie! haha
I already know I was born into the wrong decade but this movie proves it that much more. Slater (far right) is my absolute favourite. The movies basically just about the last day of school, everybody's always just smoking weed and getting drunk and the seniors torment the freshman. *When I was 13 I used to have the biggest crush on this boy who I thought looked exactly like Slater! hahaha :)

2. Planet Terror.

Another movie I've seen too many times. I always try to get people to watch this with me and they never will! Rose Mcgowan is so hot and don't even get me started on Freddie Rodriguez! Basically a group of navy seals need to find an antidote for being gassed with co2 and end up leaking it out into the earth turning a bunch of people into zombies!

3. Across The Universe.

So The Beatles are one of my favourite bands and I think the people in this movie do a fantastic jobs with the songs. I'm not one for Beatles covers, so that's saying alot. Another movie that makes me jealous I wasn't around in the 60's/70's. Max is the sexiest mother trucker in this movie and Judes not too bad himself ;) hahah

Two Songs:
Okay I would just like to say that picking just 2 songs is next to impossible for me. I have like 400 favourite songs. So the way I'm going to do this is by choosing two songs that I've constantly listened to for years and haven't at any point gotten sick of them.

1. Wasting My Time by Default
2. Dear Prudence by The Beatles -I have the lyrics to this song painted on my walls, I don't think it's my favourite Beatles song but I do love it quite a bit :)

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                                                              -Melanie :)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Five Foods- 10 Day You Challenge!

Today's Challenge; Five Foods!

1. My all time favourite food- Poutine!
Fries, Gravy and Cheese. Easily the best invention ever.

2. Perogies. I somehow love perogies that have butter all over them, despite the fact that I HATE butter/margarine. I don't eat butter on anything except perogies! hahah

3. Cheese Quesadilla.
My newest food obsession. I can honestly say in the last 40 days I've had probably 30 Quesadilla's. :/ haha they're just soo good.

4. Cereal
This is what my diet basically consists of. I eat 3 bowls of cereal everyday. Cereal is kind of horrible for you, but it's my favourite thing to eat cause It's so fast and easy to make. Plus it comes in lot's of flavours.

5. Bagels
Ever since I was like 8, I'd come home from school turn on the t.v and my dad would have a bagel with cream cheese made for me! hahah I eat far too many bagels, just like cereal.