Saturday, 4 August 2012

Kensington, Classified and DWW!

So Wednesday my friends and I did a little shopping in Kensington market and later on went to see Classified and Down With Webster in concert.Down with Webster are from Toronto and Classified comes from the east coast of Canada! If you don't know who they are please refer to these videos, because they're awesome:

This post is pretty picture heavy, sorry about how they're scattered! I can never get pictures to work for me on this thing.. Pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't the best. But enjoy!
It was lot's of fun and we almost got in like 30 fights because dumb drunk girls were pushing their way through. Left with only a few cuts on my knees! ahaha


China Town!

Dancing Days in Kensington Market.
The CN Tower from the second floor of the Queen St W Mcdonalds!

They were fliming a show called 'Beauty and The Beast'.


Me with a too large, ugly hat on my head :)

Lol bestfriend Amanda smoking a pipe, and bestfriend Lindsey in the window!
Cam, Marty and Bucky from DWW <3

Down With Webster:)
Marty, Bucky, Pat, Tyler, Diggy and Cam <3

Cam rapping and Marty on drums, my favourites <3


-Melanie xx