Sunday, 30 September 2012

New tattoo!

My friends and I spent the day in Toronto on Saturday and decided we wanted a little tattoo. So Amanda and I got tiny maple leafs, mine on my arm and hers on her butt! Hahah The place is called Blugod and its on Yonge Street. The tattooist was absolutely hilarious and we spent like 2 hours there, actual tattoo timr combined was like 30 mins. I'd definitely reccomend this place and I'll for sure go back again.
                   -Melanie :)

Mine on my inner arm.
Amanda's on her butt.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

10 Day You Challenge!

I saw this on BlogLoveTherapy's blog a few days ago and decided it'd be alot of fun to do! So today's challenge is 10 secrets about myself.

1. I've dropped out of College twice because I really just don't want to go to College.
2. I love tattoos piercings and crazy funky hair.
3. I've lived in the same house for 19 years and I'm scared to move away.
4. Oshawa is my favourite City in the whole world no matter what.
5. I've always wanted a job in Fashion but I just can't follow the rules and only do things my way so I know I couldn't actually work in Fashion.
6. Chemistry and Biology were my favourite subjects in High School.
7. I miss High School with my whole life.
8. I love Airplanes but I've never been on one and they scare me..
9. I'm also scared of Trains because my brothers friend got hit by one and died.
10. I have to listen to music everyday no matter where I am or else I feel very incomplete!

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September GlossyBox.

I was very surprised to receive my Glossy tracking number yesterday saying my box would be here today. Usually Glossy Box Canada comes within the first week of the next month. So a lovely little treat to receive two boxes within one month, essentially. I am in love with my box this month.

All the contents of the box.

Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Spray 40ml ---Full Size=40ml/$12.99
Dove Cleartone 17g---Full Size=45g/$3.99
B.Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 4ml---Full Size=15g/$21.00 *Canadian Brand
B.Kamins Maple Body Lotion 12ml---Full Size=180ml/$41.00 *Canadian Brand

I was beyond excited when I saw this was in my box! I watched all the NYX face awards videos and I loved when they had to use this palette for a look. The strange thing is I only just saw this movie for the first time, two days ago!

When you first open the palette you see all the eye shadows. I love love love all the colours in the top section.
Then you have a little mirror and when you flip that over-

You get all the blushes, highlighter, lip glosses and mini eyeliner+primer.

-Melanie :)