Friday, 30 March 2012

Baking Party!!

Okay so not much of a 'Party' really. Last Friday my bestfriends and I decided we'd all get together and bake a bunch of yummy stuff! 3 out of 4 of us came pretty un-prepared and had to make a trek(as none of us drive) to Walmart. I wanted to make rainbow cupcakes but my friend doesn't own any cupcake pans, so I ended up making a rainbow cake :) Sondra made peanut butter cookies, Lindsey made brownies and Corissa made rice crispie squares!
Sondra's cookies got burnt!

Corissa's rice crispies were a taaaad buttery.

This is my cake. Don't mind the ridiculous icing job.
At first we thought the cake had fell but later realized the oven wasn't set to the right temp.

Fnally Lindsey's brownies.
I think we forgot to grease the pan and they would not come out!
Super chocolatey, they were almost hard to eat!
My cake fell apart while trying to get it out of the pan.

As you can see, we're not the greatest bakers... We had lot's of laughs each time we realized wehad ruined another thing. We've decided that our next baking day shall be at my house because we're blaming our bad turnout on Sondra's crappy oven.

We all thought that the cake turned out the best and tasted the best too, despite that minor mishap ^.

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