Saturday, 9 June 2012

TAG! 11 Questions!

So i've been tagged by Rae-Rae to do the 11 questions tag! I think it was really sweet of her to tag me. It's taken me quite a while to post about it but I've now got a new laptop so I'm good to go :)

The rules:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their own blog
  • Answer the questions the tagger has sent you, as well as create 11 new questions for your 'taggers' to answer
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link them in your post

11 things about me:

1. I find it hard to think of things to say about myself!

2. I'm currently a bit obsessed with Made in Chelsea.
3. I don't want to go back to school in September.
4. My favourite sport is Hockey.
5. I have quite terrible anxiety most of the time.
6. I love to watch airplanes fly.
7. Country and Rock music are my favourite.
8. My favourite band is The Beatles.
9. My favourite Beatle is Ringo :)

10. I would love to live in England, I have a strange obsession with The U.K...
11. I've lived in my house for 19 years!

My questions to answer:
1. Blackberry or iPhone?

I'm going to say Iphone but I don't have either lol I just have a smart phone.

2. If you could be any animal what would you be?
I think I'd just be a dog, so I can lay around all day.

3. Where would you most like to visit in the world and why?
England. I think it's so cute there and all the shops are better than here.
Like we have chocolate shops but nothing compares to choccywoccydoodah!!

4. Who is your favourite author?
I don't really have one.

5. Do you play any sports?
I don't! I use to be in gymnastics which I loved but I quit because I got too far advanced and I was quite intimidated by the other girls I was with because I was like 11 and they were all like 17-18..

6. What is your favourite TV program?
I have a bunch. At the moment it's Made in Chelsea and Pretty Little Liars because it just came back on. I also love Greys Anatomy.

7. Would you rather live in the city or the country?
As a child I always thought it'd be great to live in the country but now as I've gotten older I've realized that I'm quite a city girl. I love tall buildings and lot's of people, but at the same time I get really annoyed with people. hahah

8. Can you speak more than one language?
Nope! Both my parents are french but I don't speak it at all.

9. What is your best memory to date?
This question is crazy! I have no clue. I can say that probably when I was in grade eight so 13 years old I had like the best times ever. It's sad because I'm only 19 and my best times were when I was only 13. But everything was really simple and fun back then.

10. Do you have a favourite number?
I do! It's 6. It's always been 6. I'm not sure why, I know that I enjoyed being six years old and I also really liked grade six. My favourite teacher was my grade six teacher! haha

11. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
No. I like everything without feeling guilty about it! hahah

Basically I don't really know who to tag at the moment. I'm going to be really lazy and say that I tag anyone who reads this. Also, I feel like you can just answer the same questions I did because my brains just not having it today, really!

                                                              Check ya laterrr
                                                                -Melanie :) xx


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