Thursday, 18 October 2012

Eight Fears and Seven Wants!

I totally missed last Thursdays challenge! So this week I'll just have to do two :)

Eight Fears: (I'm not really sure if fears and being scared of things are the same so I'll just combine.)
1. I have a fear of Planes and Trains but I love them at the same time.
2. I have a fear of public speaking, It's not my thing at all.
3. I fear open bodies of water.
4. I have a slight fear of failure. I don't mind failing, but I don't want to fail in life.
5. I have a fear of moving out, but really would love to leave home. "Can't wait to get going but not quite ready to leave."
6. I have a fear that I'll never have enough money to see all the places I want to see.
7. I have a fear of rejection because I don't usually set my self up for it, I'm not used to it. At the same time I deal just fine with people not liking me.
8. I have a fear of fearing things.

Seven Wants:
1. I want to live in an apartment that is similar to Monica's in Friends. ahah
2. I want to always have more love for my family than anything else.
3. I want to be able to be my own boss.
4. I want to be anxiety free.
5. I want to like change.
6. I want a new bed that's actually comfy!!
7. I really just want some Jeffery Campbell Lita's.

* I would like to link to BlogLoveTherapy's challenge but I can never get their buttons to work :(
So go here, if you will: Blog Love Therapy-10 Day You Challenge

                                                        -Melanie :)

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  1. same here with #4 for eight fears. I'm not afraid of it either but it's just the thought of it scares me. >_<

    ah, #1 of seven wants. I love her apartment too! it looks so cozy.