Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nine loves- 10 Day You Challenge!

Todays challenge is 9 loves, I almost forgot to post this today but remembered just in time :)

1. I love my Family more than anything. I can't imagine I could possibly love someone more than I love my Parents and Brothers.
2. I love to drive in the car, I could stay in the car for hours on end.
3. I love myself.
4. I love to sing all day long, I think I'm tone deaf though. hahah
5. I love Christmas time.
6. I love snow, I could never live somewhere that didn't have all the seasons.
7. I love Doritos.
8. I love doing nothing.
9. I love adventuring and climbing giant hills and cliffs.

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  1. I agree about the snow and not being able to live somewhere that didn't have all the seasons! It would be so boring.. Everyday would just be the same >_<

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I feel like I know a lot about you after reed this post from you
    From Socking Images