Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Glossy Box Drawers!

So I finally got bored enough one day to make the little 3 drawer organizer out of my Glossy Boxes.

All you need is; Four Glossy Boxes, some scissors and hot glue.

4 Boxes and 4 Lids.

Take two lids and cut one long side off each of them. Cut all the sides off of a third lid. Also cut all the sides off of one of your boxes, this will become your back.

I took this time to decorate my sides and back. I used my ribbon from the boxes to make two strips on either side and for the back I just covered it completely in fabric.

All glued together. Make sure your bottom is glued underneath the lips and not on top like mine. Your drawers wont fit.
The contents of my drawers :)
The front. I did have ribbon covering the raw edges but my drawers weren't liking it.
The Side.

The Back!

Whatever creative genius thought this up, thank you! It has come in very handy.

                                                                         -Melanie. :)

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  1. lovely post!!!

    so creative and different!