Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hey guys so I was orginally going to do this post last Friday but I ended up going to Ottawa to visit my Grandpa so I've had to put it off until now. Which I guess is a good thing cause that's given me time to try out everything and get an opinion on it all!

I ordered 17 items from E.L.F ( on March 26th and I recieved them on April 5th I believe, so it got to me super fast.

Top Corner: 2 Nailpolishes $2.00 each.
Berry Pink & Mint Cream
Top Right Corner: What was in the box when I opened it.
I ordered four brushes; The Blush Brush, The Stipple Brush, Kabuki Face Brush, and The Smudge Brush.
Left: Kabuki Face Brush $6.00
Right: Blush Brush and Stipple Brush $3.00 each.

I really do like all three brushes. I've heard other people say that the stipple brush sheds alot, but I haven't found it to be shedding any. The Kabuki brush works well in my opinion and it is sooo soft! I just like to rub it on my face. hahaha!

Sorry for the terrible picture :S
Top: Smudge Brush $1.00
Bottom: Eyelid Primer $1.00
I haven't used the smudge brush yet but it's just a brush with tiny brissles so I'm sure it'll work just as good as any smudge brush. The Eyelid primer I got is in Golden, I can't remember if I chose that or if that's all there was TO choose from. They aren't kidding with the name! haha it is very golden and really shiny. 
Lipstick in Nostalgic $1.00
Nail Polish in Mint Cream $2.00

So I really like this lipstick it goes on pretty well, it smells reall good too. I've never really had a lipstick that smelt yummy! It goes on kind of like lipbalm with the texture but it is still pigmented. This picture makes the lipstick look a tad pinker than what it is, but so did the picture on their website. When I first put it on I was a little skeptical because it kinda looked like I had just put my coverup on my lips and then used a pink chapstick. But I later feel in love with the colour.

I really love my nail polishes that I got. I didn't take a picture of the Berry Pink one because it's on my toes and I figured y'all wouldn't want to look at a picture of my feet.. It goes on really well for a $2.00 nail polish. It dried fairly fast and The reason I bought this colour is because it reminded me of the Essie one that looks just like this.

When I ordered my things I got a deal that if I spent $20.00 I got ten free $1.00 Items which is why I have so many things for a dollar :)
I would also like to say that 1, I'm sorry this post is so long! and 2, I did swatch all my things but my camera just isn't capturing it right so maybe I'll post a picture of the swatches at a different time. :)

Complete list of things I purchased:
Nail Polish: Berry Pink and Mint Cream $2.00
Eyeshadow: Punk Funk $1.00 Cream Shadow: Olive and Sugar Cookie $1.00

Brushes: Stipple and Blush Brush $3.00 Kabuki Face Brush $6.00 and Smudge Brush $1.00
Lashes: Natural Lash Kit $1.00 Hollywood Eyelashes $3.00
Lipstick: Nostalgic $1.00
Eyeliner: Black Pen $1.00 Eyelid Primer: Golden $1.00
Other: Zit Zapper $1.00 Eye Makeup Remover Pads $1.00

                                                     Slaterr Aligatorrrs
                                                      -Melanie :)


  1. I really need to check out ELF...just like your haul post and many others, I've read nothing but amazing reviews and have seen lots of gorgeous nail polish and eyeshadows! Visiting from the blog hop, hope you'll stop by and would you like to follow each other?

    1. Yeah definitely check it out! It's all inexpensive and some of their stuff is great. I'll be sure to check out your blog and follow :)xx.

  2. Hey :D Can you do a review on the eyelid primer? Ive followed, follow back?


    1. Thank so much for following! :)
      I'll definitely follow you as well!
      And I'll try to get a review up in the next week.

  3. A fellow E.L.F lover:)

    Found you through blog hop, I am loving finding all these new blogs!

  4. Found ya from plumpish beauty's blog ! Great post i adore elf ! Such amazing prices and quality! You must try their warm bronzer its amazing! Any ways i would love for you to stop by my blog sometime if you would like!

  5. I'd never heard of ELF before I started blogging, but I've heard so many great reviews. Planning on spending a bomb on the website next week as I plan on clearing out my old makeup this weekend.

    Love the mint nail varnish! I'm hoping that there's a £1 deal when I order as you got so much good stuff.

    Hopefully we'll see some full reviews soon :)

    Found you through Blog Hop, now following :)

    Lola ..x


  6. LOVE your elf haul. I just ordered a few things from them also and going to do a review on it.

    Definitely following your blog. Found you through the blog and hope you visit my blog when you get the chance.

  7. I can't believe that lipstick is only $1! It looks fantastic.
    I love your blog and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! (: