Sunday, 15 April 2012

My New Purse.

Hey guys so I just want to do a quick post about the cute new purse I got yesterday. Every year there's a big Guess warehouse sale in Toronto where you can buy Guess wallets, purses, clothes, shoes, sunglasses and other random stuff for pretty cheap! Last year I left with a cute white wallet. This year I didn't actually end up going but my best friend Amanda went and picked up this cute messenger/satchel.

It's the perfect size bag for me. I used to always carry around huge bags that fit my whole life in them, but it kills my back and shoulders so recently I've been using smaller bags, but now they're too small to fit everything I actually need! This is a happy medium. It's a greyish, beigey brown. With pinky-brown buckles.

It was originally  $89.99 but she picked it up for $40.00 so it was more than half off, awesome deal! :)

I really love the lining of the purse, I almost wish that the outside of the purse was the way the inside is. Also I think the purse kind of looks like a monster with the two snaps and the pocket in the front! ahaha

The inside of the purse has three slots I use for my Cellphone, Keys and my Tim Hortons Roll Up free donut things ;) There is one large pocket on the inside. This purse actually fits my wallet unlike my last purse that I had to struggle to get it in and out of.. Lot's of room in this one, I love love love it :D

Anyway that's all for now!
slaterr aligatorrrs
-Melanie xx


  1. LOVE this bag, the print inside is so cute!

    Thanks for the follow :) xoxo

  2. Like your new purse. The inside colors are vibrant! I always like Guess bags but feel like they are overpriced. Do they have much clothing at the sale?

    1. Yeah I think Guess purses are over priced as well, so if I can get them for cheap thats awesome!
      Last year they had quite a bit of clothing but I wasn't really into it. It was dis-organized and all over the place hahah

  3. Fab new bag, especially the linings!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest post!
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

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  5. I found you on blog hop...Ill be following you! :)

  6. Love the bag and the print inside! Congrats!

    Following your blog now dear!



  7. Love that bag! We just found your blog, and now we are following you! Check ours out if you would like!

  8. Ohh, love the bag. Great buy,

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  9. Heyyy! Now following your lovely blog. This purse is gorgeous, I want! I desperately need a new one as it's falling apart! Not sure how much more junk it can take haha!

    Thank you for following my blog and for your comment on my latest post. Much appreciated!

    Jen xx