Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shopping Addiction...

So I've come to the conclusion that I pretty much have an internet shopping addiction!
For some odd reason I think it's so much fun to recieve things in the mail and then get to open it all up, even though you already know what it is.. haha Don't get me wrong, I love shopping outside of the interweb aswell, It's just not as fun! is one of my favourite websites to buy things from because the majority of it is vintage or handmade, and I really like that aspect of it. As a bonus if you search well enough, you'll find lot's of amazing things for super cheap.

Some of my recent online purchases include a big order from E.L.F. I think I ordered like 20 different items and I wish that their shipping to Canada didn't take so long because I really want to get my stuff already! I've never used any products from E.L.F so I'm excited to try it all out. Another purchase I've made recently along the lines of cosmetics/beauty is a subscription to GlossyBox. If you've never heard of Glossybox It's basically just a box filled with 5 beauty samples that you recieve every month for $15.00. My first box will be the April box which is I think the 3rd or 4th box to be sent out in Canada.
And lastly today I was surfing through looking for some cute stuff but keeping in mind that I didn't have a lot of money to spend! There were three things that I wanted soo bad but only ended up getting one, which were these awesome purple leggings:

Violet Skinny Leggings $23.99

I absolutely love them, I hope the turn out true to the picture! Anyway halfway through writing this blog my E.L.F package actually came hahaha weird!! It didn't take very long either, they told me 2-4 weeks and I ordered it on March 27 so It came pretty fast. This blog has now taken me about an hour to write because I had to stop and inspect all my new goodies :)  Maybe tomorrow I'll do a blog on all the stuff I got!

Slaterrr Aligators..
-Melanie :)


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  2. I LOVE those violet leggings! such a gorgeous shade.
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  3. Great post :) would love to see what you got from e.l.f :)


  4. I'm addicted to online shopping too. Just too easy with a click away(sometimes it is too easy!) I live in a small town in Canada and don't have much to offer in the malls here. Instead of wasting gas to drive to a nearby city to shop, I may as well shop online.

    Found your awesome blog through Blog Hop. Following you, hope you will do the same for me: