Monday, 23 April 2012


Sooo, I haven't posted anything in while because I'm waiting for some things to come in the mail. I've been waiting for my April Glossy Box to come which clearly is taking it's sweet time. I was hoping to do an un-boxing post for that. Also I'm still waiting on my purple leggings I ordered from
So hopefully those get to me soon so I can show all of you :)

It's been ugly here in my city these last few days, cold and rainy! I can't really complain though because we didn't actually have much of a cold winter. Friday was super nice though! Hung out at the beach with my bestfriends and even managed to get a bit of a tan on my arms! haha
Anyway, I'm off to the orthodontist today :( can't wait til my braces come off! My appointment is in an hour and a half and I haven't begun to get ready plus I have to walk there in the rain. So I should probably hop to it..

                                                           Talk to y'all soon

                                                              -Melanie :)


  1. hey girlie! found you on blog hop!
    love your blog!
    wanna follow eachother?


  2. Ah i've been waiting for lots in the post this week too, it's so exciting though right? can't wait to see when you post about them! I'm a new follower :] found you through the blog hop! Stop by some time? :]

    Kirstie xx

  3. Found you on blog hop!

    I am now following your blog dear!